10-Inch Wide Custom Personalized Name Vinyl Decal Sticker

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Looking for something to personalize your ride? Stickers are a great way to personalize your car, but they cant just be any ordinary stickers. While all decals are stickers, not all stickers are decals. Decal is a term that describes a specific type of sticker that is made for outdoor use. It is made of vinyl instead of paper and it has a protective cover for both the adhesive and the front of the decal where the design is. Using plain stickers on a car windshield will not only look cheap; they wont last long either because the rain will wash them off, leaving only a sticky adhesive mess. You need something that can endure climatic changes. Make your car look cool with CustomDecals Vinyl Decal Stickers! Vinyl is an ideal material for decals because it is resistant to outdoor elements. We at CustomDecal not only offer durable decals, we also let you customize your decal with your ideal font type and color. You can choose to use a name, a saying, a funny quote, a slogan, or just about anything that has letters, numbers, or both. After you have decided on what text to put, choose from our 9 font types. We also offer 10 colors you can mix and match to get the look or design that you want. Now, isnt that fun? Our car decals can only include letters and numbers. We offer a fixed 10-inch measurement for the width but the height will vary depending on how many characters your request involves. It also does not have a background, so it will only show the text once it has been installed. Here are more reasons to choose CustomDecal: ? Each decal includes easy installation instructions to make sure you do it right the first time. ? Our decals are 100% US-made, using only the highest quality vinyl. ? We pay great attention to detail to ensure every bit is made impeccably. Dress up your car the best way possible. Add CustomDecal Vinyl Decal Stickers to your cart today!