Swamp Shine Blueberry Scented 16 oz Mason Jar Moonshine Gel

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  • 🔥 HIGHLY SCENTED: Tired of scented candles that don't fill your space with aroma? Indulge your senses with a luxurious treat! Swamp Shine gel candles have uplifting scents that will help reduce your stress.
  • 🔥 HIGHEST QUALITY GEL WAX: These hand-poured gel candles have been made using a unique blend of scents and the highest quality gel available. Gel candles calm the nerves and relieve anxiety, making them the best stress-relieving candles. It can be used for insomnia, meditation, aromatherapy, removing odors, etc.
  • 🔥 UP TO 100 HOURS BURNING: Each gel candles contains a significant amount of the highest quality gel wax that allows for up to 100 hours of burn time. These gel candles burn clean to purify the air in your home.
  • 🔥 SUPER BRIGHT: Swamp Shine gel candles are packaged in clear old-fashioned mason 16 oz jars allowing them to give off super bright light. This is not just your ordinary candle. This unique candle was designed with brightness in mind. Everything from the amount of color added to the size of the labels help this candle give off as much light as possible.
  • 🔥 THE PERFECT GIFT: Swamp Shine gel candles look beautiful sitting on a shelf whether you are burning them or not. This will make a wonderful gift for a friend, loved one, birthday gifts, house decor gifts, apartment essentials gifts, best friend gifts, and an even better treat for yourself for all occasions.

Swamp Shine is a family owned and operated company. Each one of our gel candles are hand-poured in the swamps of central Florida, with extra detail given to each candle for the perfect product. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products. The gel candle is packaged in an old fashioned 16-ounce mason jar, giving it the look and feel of the old-fashioned moonshine made in the swamps. The gel wax allows for the candles to have up to 100 hours of burn time. Our scents and colors are hand selected to give the most soothing visual and smells possible. Whether you want to burn the gel candle or display it on a shelf, this gel candle will make a great decorative for you or a friend.